Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Final Two Chapters of the Project Story

Helen reports we have raised about $8000 for Literacy - great job everyone.
It's still not to late to donate.

David also sent me the last few chapters of the Project Story.  It is posted at


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Explaination for Number 9

The story behind #9 of the Top 10 lessons learned is that when we camped at McLennan, the campground was actually closed for the season. The manager of the campground lives on-site, so opened the men’s washroom for us to use on this very cool evening. Helen and I went for showers first and were puzzled that, even though there was hot water at the sink, we could get NONE from the single-dial control in the showers. Maybe the hot water supply to the showers was somehow shut off for winter? After suffering through cold showers, we bundled up and headed back to our site to make supper. We had not crossed paths with Alan, but sometime later he returned to our campsite exclaiming what a GREAT shower he’d had. I was convinced he was bluffing and told him so. After all, we had shivered through very quick, very uncomfortable showers. With a great laugh, he explained that the plumbing was backwards in the showers and he’d had an abundance of hot water.

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Sheralyn's Top Ten

Sheralyn sent me this list and asked me to post it......
I don't get number 9... I'll find out and explaine later.

10. It’s better to have a broken arm than a broken head. Wear a helmet!

9. Those who consider the possibility that the plumbing is hooked up backwards will undoubtedly have a more comfortable shower.

8. Hair dryers are a multi-purpose appliance that no camping trip should be without.

7. When you are in a bad way, there are usually enough empathetic souls around to get you back on track, unless you are a big guy hobbling down the road with a flat tire.

6. The probability of cycling fast enough to outrun a large mean dog is inversely proportionate to the width of your tires.

5. Real campers CAN use recipes.

4. Cycling on narrow shoulders in 40 km/h cross wind is best left to fools.

3. “Where’s Waldo” is much more enjoyable as a book than as a real-life exercise.

2. Road grit from passing motorists on a rainy day is not a recommended source of dietary fiber.

1. If a tree falls in the forest…. You CAN hear it.