Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Explaination for Number 9

The story behind #9 of the Top 10 lessons learned is that when we camped at McLennan, the campground was actually closed for the season. The manager of the campground lives on-site, so opened the men’s washroom for us to use on this very cool evening. Helen and I went for showers first and were puzzled that, even though there was hot water at the sink, we could get NONE from the single-dial control in the showers. Maybe the hot water supply to the showers was somehow shut off for winter? After suffering through cold showers, we bundled up and headed back to our site to make supper. We had not crossed paths with Alan, but sometime later he returned to our campsite exclaiming what a GREAT shower he’d had. I was convinced he was bluffing and told him so. After all, we had shivered through very quick, very uncomfortable showers. With a great laugh, he explained that the plumbing was backwards in the showers and he’d had an abundance of hot water.

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