Friday, September 11, 2009

2009-09-11-Home Safe in Camrose - Sparling School

This afternoon, the team rode into Camrose to wild enthusiastic applause from the students at Sparling School.
After the grand entry, the team read "Zoom" to the students and talked about the importance of reading.  They also told the students all about the adventures that they had on their trip - trees falling on bikes, 60kph head winds, rain, and injuries at Tim Hortons.  Finally, the students gave them four more words for the final chapter of the Miles for Literacy Story.  (If you have a name for our story, please email it to us at 
When will the story be complete?  How much money did we raise?  Are they Large Warty Frogs???
Stay tuned for more updates!!

2009-09-11 - Ministik School and Another Story Chapter

This morning the team got quite a suprise when they visited Ministik School.  When they went into the 1/2 classroom, they found a map of their route, and a story board with the Miles4Literacy story on it.  The Class had been following our blog, and knew all about the trip so far.  They even had their four words picked out.  Sheralyn says that they were very enthusiastic "Zoomers".
David sent me Chapter 5 of the Story from C.J. Schurter School in Slave Lake.  I have it posted for you to view.  Only three chapters left!
Helen and David reading Zoom
(Photo by Dan Jensen - Camrose Booster)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

2009-09-10 - Westlock Update! and New Chapter for our Story.

I spoke with Helen today! She is OK and not in pain, but she suspects that her arm is BROKEN! She has an appointment in Camrose just after they are scheduled to arrive back in at Sparling School tomorrow. Helen even rode 4km today, and hopes to do a bit more tomorrow. What a trooper!

There is a new update to the Story! Click Here!! Chapter 4, from McLennan. The four words are Marvellous, Awesome, Cool, and Spectacular! You have to read it to believe it.

The team is on schedule. They enjoyed their presentation at the Westlock Elementary School, and are now heading for Sherwood Park. Today is cool with some light showers, but nothing compared to the first part of the trip!! They are all looking forward to getting Sparling School tomorrow afternoon.

Please come out to cheer the team home. They expect to be at Sparling School around 2:30pm.
Alan and David talking about Bike Safety!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

2009-09-09-Major Update! - Westlock

Lots of news today!!
Sheralyn called me tonight and we had a long chat!  Good news - and bad!  
Last night, after a day of riding in the rain, as they pulled into Slave Lake, Helen needed a "Tim's".  She pulled into the parking lot and into a handi-cap zone with her bike.  Unfortunately she had technical difficulty with her dismount (couldn't get her foot out of the toe clip).  She fell onto the handicap sign and hurt her arm.  The team took her to the hospital, where she was checked out.  She is now wearing a splint that starts at her wrist and runs almost up to her shoulder.  It is held on with three tensor bandages.  Helen is in good spirits, but couldn't ride today (she tried, but it hurt too much).  She probably won't be riding tomorrow either, but we hope she can join the group again to cycle back into Camrose on Friday!
Helen in a wheelchair in the hospital with her arm in a splint!
This morning, the team made a presentation to CJ Schurter School in Slave Lake.  A lot of fun was had by all!  To celebrate literacy, the school, which has a protected reading time every day, read a total of 15,831 minutes (all yesterday) in honour of the Munsch a Bunch project, and to support Literacy.  WOW! That's 10 minutes for every kilometer of our journey!
Alan, David, Sheralyn and Helen reading "Zoom" at C.J. Schurter School.
David even won a "Hoppy Award" (a green certificate that looks like a frog), because he was nice to someone in the school office and made them Happy!  CJ Schurter School is an "I Care" School.  The school is K-3 and has 400 students.
Kids are always impressed with the map showing the route!
After the presentation, the team headed for Westlock.  Today was the best day for riding yet.  Sheralyn says the number one piece of equipment required was a pair of sun glasses!  With Helen not riding, the others had to make up the difference, so it was a record distance day for David, Alan and Sheralyn!
Even though Helen couldn't ride, it didn't mean she wasn't contributing to the team.  At one point, she had pulled over with the van to wait for the rest of the team.  While waiting, a truck full of men pulled up in front of her and got out.  They saw the cyclists, and the graphics supplied by Windwood Signs on the side of the van.  They wanted to know what the tour was about.  It turns out that they are cyclists also, and have done some similar rides and fund raising.  They were on a hunting trip, but had been rained out.  They left Helen with a $60.00 donation!  Good Job Helen.
Dave - Tuning his Bike!
It's hard to believe that there are only two riding days left in the trip.  Tomorrow night, the team is looking forward to dinner with David and Helen's daugher-in-law in Sherwood Park.  After that they will ride out to Ministik School where they will camp the night and be prepared for the presentation the next morning.
Watch for another chapter of our Story Tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

2009-09-08 - McLennan and Slave Lake

another Saint Patrick School poster
Cold Rainy Weather
Our team has been too busy, too wet, and too cold to send me daily updates, so we missed yesterday; but I did receive an email and a text message today - so here is the update.
Monday, there were no presentations, and as reported on the team actually had a tailwind for most of the day.  When they arrived at McLennan, the campground was closed for the season.  Fortunately, the lady who manages the campsite, and lives there, opened the gates and let them stay.
Trying to warm up before the ride....
After a presentation to the École Providence School in McLennan, the team started cycling to Slave Lake.  The weather did not want to cooperate.  It was cold and rained most of the way.  Tonight, the team has found a laundromat in Slave Lake, and is busy drying out their clothes and trying to warm up so they will be ready for tomorrow.
2009 Miles for Literacy STORY.

This year, we are trying something new.  At each school that we visit on the tour, we ask the students for four words.  Each day, we create one chapter of the story using the four words from that school or community group. The story is posted on a 'Sister Blogsite';

Each chapter will have the four words in bold font. We may not be able to post a chapter every day, because we don't always have access to the internet along the way.   Please be patient, we will post the chapters as soon as we can.  The first three chapters are now on the site.

Our story does not yet have a title, if you have any ideas, please either leave a comment or email us at

Please remember to support our local Literacy Programs.  You can download a donation form at

Helen -still ready to go!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

2009-09-06 - Fox Creek - Fairview

Wow! A lot has happened over the last day and a half. Sheralyn's cell phone died, so I haven't been getting updates as often as I would like - so missed yesterday's blog..... Let's catch up!

Friday, Sheralyn and Alan rode from Drayton Valley to Whitecourt alone, while David and Helen drove to Edmonton for repairs to their van and bikes. The van window will take a week, so they will have a cardboard and duck tape window for the rest of the trip. Helen's bike was repaired, but David needed a new one. They also purchased a new carrier for their bike. Everyone met in Whitecourt Friday Night.

Saturday, they all made a presentation to the Indoor Playground Society in Fox Creek. The society had arranged for parents and children (age birth to 8) to be in attendance. The parents and children all participated in the readings. It was a lot of fun. The photos were taken by Brandi Bedson, who is the photographer and reporter for the Fox Creek TIMES, Apparently David took some photos, but his camera is not digital - and he didn't have any film in it... :<(. Brandi graciously volunteered her photos. Thanks Brandi for the great photos!

Sunday Morning, Alan and Sheralyn attended a service at the Valleyview United Church, while David and Helen did the same in the United Church in Fairview. Presentations were done in both churches. Apparently neither Alan or Sheralyn are singers, so the congregation was kind enough to help with the singing of "I'll Love You Forever".

By tonight, the team hopes have cycled the distance between Fairview and Valleyview. (The teams are riding from each end and will meet in the middle sometime late today). The weather is not cooperating, and when I spoke with Sheralyn around 11:00 this morning, it was pouring rain! It has certainly been an interesting trip so far......

Monday, the team hopes to make it to McLennan.

More tomorrow (I hope!).
Fox Creek Indoor Playground Society

Nothing like a Robert Munsch Story!

Enjoying David's Story!

Ready for the next leg of the journey!
These Photos by Brandi Bedson!