Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sheralyn's Top Ten

Sheralyn sent me this list and asked me to post it......
I don't get number 9... I'll find out and explaine later.

10. It’s better to have a broken arm than a broken head. Wear a helmet!

9. Those who consider the possibility that the plumbing is hooked up backwards will undoubtedly have a more comfortable shower.

8. Hair dryers are a multi-purpose appliance that no camping trip should be without.

7. When you are in a bad way, there are usually enough empathetic souls around to get you back on track, unless you are a big guy hobbling down the road with a flat tire.

6. The probability of cycling fast enough to outrun a large mean dog is inversely proportionate to the width of your tires.

5. Real campers CAN use recipes.

4. Cycling on narrow shoulders in 40 km/h cross wind is best left to fools.

3. “Where’s Waldo” is much more enjoyable as a book than as a real-life exercise.

2. Road grit from passing motorists on a rainy day is not a recommended source of dietary fiber.

1. If a tree falls in the forest…. You CAN hear it.

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