Tuesday, September 8, 2009

2009-09-08 - McLennan and Slave Lake

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Cold Rainy Weather
Our team has been too busy, too wet, and too cold to send me daily updates, so we missed yesterday; but I did receive an email and a text message today - so here is the update.
Monday, there were no presentations, and as reported on http://www.twitter.com/miles4literacy the team actually had a tailwind for most of the day.  When they arrived at McLennan, the campground was closed for the season.  Fortunately, the lady who manages the campsite, and lives there, opened the gates and let them stay.
Trying to warm up before the ride....
After a presentation to the École Providence School in McLennan, the team started cycling to Slave Lake.  The weather did not want to cooperate.  It was cold and rained most of the way.  Tonight, the team has found a laundromat in Slave Lake, and is busy drying out their clothes and trying to warm up so they will be ready for tomorrow.
2009 Miles for Literacy STORY.

This year, we are trying something new.  At each school that we visit on the tour, we ask the students for four words.  Each day, we create one chapter of the story using the four words from that school or community group. The story is posted on a 'Sister Blogsite';


Each chapter will have the four words in bold font. We may not be able to post a chapter every day, because we don't always have access to the internet along the way.   Please be patient, we will post the chapters as soon as we can.  The first three chapters are now on the site.

Our story does not yet have a title, if you have any ideas, please either leave a comment or email us at info@miles4literacy.com.

Please remember to support our local Literacy Programs.  You can download a donation form at http://www.miles4literacy.com/donate.html.

Helen -still ready to go!

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