Thursday, September 3, 2009

2009-09-03-Departure from Saint Patrick School and Camrose!

One of many posters presented to us by the students of Saint Patrick School!

David is really happy about the van graphics provided by Windwood!

We arrived at Saint Patrick school around 9:00 to set up. Shortly after, the gym filled with enthusiastic kids. What a wonderful crowd!!!

First David talked about the trip and where the team had been in previous years. Have you ever ridden your bike to Winnipeg?

Next - Alan spoke about Bike Safety!
Sheralyn's helmet doesn't fit him very well...

Next we read a Story....
ZOOM! by Robert Munsch!

Lauretta's wheel chair just isn't fast enough.....

Mom and Dad say - it's just too fast!

No way - What speeding ticket???!!!
That wheelchair just isn't fast enough!

After the play - we read a poem!

Then Sheralyn presented the school library with a book signed by Robert Munsch!

The children had all drawn posters for us to take on the trip!

Finally - we are ready to go!

Ready to mount our bikes!
We're Off!

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